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Our Pricing Structure

At the Hobart Orofacial Pain and Special Needs Clinic we believe that prices for dental care continue to grow further and further out of reach for many Tasmanians. This has been repeatedly proven with many recent studies on access to medical and dental care that show up to 60% of Australians have no intention of visiting a dentist in the next 12 months due to cost.

Whilst the cost of providing professional dental care of a high standard is extremely expensive, we strive to keep our fees as low as possible in an attempt to allow more people to access dental care on a regular basis.  Our prices are therefore set to reflect our experience, qualifications, cost of service provision, and our desire to offer a community service to the underprivileged where possible.

The dire situation of affordability for dental care must change urgently but there certainly is no easy answer, and health insurance funds continue to increase their fees whilst simultaneously reducing benefit payment amounts. As a lure, a health insurer will often attempt to sway a client to seek treatment from their ‘preferred provider’ which is nothing more than a practice that has agreed to treat persons at cut prices.  In many cases the amount the insurer will pay the provider is less than the cost of providing the actual service.  By directing clients to preferred providers, it does nothing more than increase the health insurers profit margins. Please see our Latest News page Health Insurance Matters for further information on preferred provider schemes.

At our practice we have decided not to participate in these schemes including other newly introduced ‘Dental Plans’ that ask practices to heavily discount treatment for their members.  These schemes again often pay the practitioner much less than the actual cost of providing that service. This purely “robs Peter to pay Paul” to cover the cost of providing treatment to some people at a higher price to subsidise the treatment cost to others at a heavily discounted lower price.  Or practices often have to increase their fees on some services to be able to provide others at cheaper costs as dictated by the health insurers and dental plans.  And that we believe, is unfair.

Please find in our prices page a list of the more common item numbers and guide to pricing for many of the services we provide.  All persons with health care cards, pension cards, and special needs are treated at Department of Veterans’ Affairs rate of fees for most items.

PDFDVA Dental Scheme Schedule of Fees

Further information and definitive treatment plan costs are always provided during the consultation and assessment appointment before any treatment commences.

017 Consultation by referral (extended up to 1 hour) – TMJ Disorders, Orofacial Pain, and Snoring / Sleep Apnoea $305 ($250 for approved concession holders)
016 Consultation by referral $165 – Oral Surgery / Conscious Sedation / Oral Medicine

015 Consultation extended $145
014 Consultation $135
011 Initial Examination $110
012 Recall Examination $95
013 Limited Examination $85
071 Diagnostic Model $ 90

Oral Surgery
051 Biopsy of Tissue $141
311 Extraction $220
314 Section of Tooth $295
323 Surgical Extraction $335
324 Complex Surgical Extraction $350
331 Alveolectomy – recontouring of alveolar ridge (or removal of tori per quadrant) $150 – $350
371 Removal of tumour / cyst / scar $325 – $450
382 Surgical exposure of tooth and bonding of orthodontic attachment $420
391 Frenectomy – removal of tongue or upper lip tie $505. (When a combined upper lip and tongue tie is performed at the same procedure $650)

Intravenous Sedation
928 Cannulation
942 Sedation Intravenous
943 Sedation Inhalation
Combined Fee $650 per procedure

927 Intramuscular sedation (provides excellent anxiety reduction) $105

236 Guided tissue membrane $380 (anterior tooth) – $430 (posterior tooth)
243 Osseous graft per tooth or implant $420 (anterior tooth) – $500 (posterior tooth)
* When item numbers 236 and 243 are required together, a maximum cost of $600 is charged. At the HOP and SNC, we only charge what it costs us for the graft materials.
684 Implant – First stage surgery $2200
688 Implant – Single stage surgery $2000
691 Implant – Second stage surgery (tissue former / healing cap / abutment) $280

TMJ / Snoring and Sleep Apnoea / Orthodontics
965 Occlusal Splint $795 ($745 for approved concession holders)
985 Mandibular advancement device for snoring $1350 ($1200 for approved concession holders)

The complete cost of a TMJ / Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Appliance is as follows (effective 01 July 2020).
Following an initial consultation, if appliances are required appointment two can be completed at the same time, or scheduled for a later date.
* All persons with a valid healthcare / pension card and special needs are treated under DVA schedule of fees or concession (Item +D)

Appointment One: Initial Consultation
017 – $305
017D – $250

Appointment Two: Impressions of upper and lower teeth / Bite Registration / Mounting of models, Occlusal Analysis, Sending mounted models for splint fabrication

071 x 2 – $180           071D x 2 – $129.60
963 – $150                 963D – $131.35
964 – $220                964D – $96.70

Appointment Three: Issue / Fit of TMJ splint or Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Appliance (Somnomed)

TMJ appliance
965 – $795
965D – $745


Somnomed Snoring and Sleep Apnoea appliance
985 – $1350
985D – $1200

Other Charges

Credit Cards: All payments by credit card unfortunately will require the 1.9% bank fee to be passed on and included in addition to fees listed above.

Cancellation Fees: It is natural that appointments will sometimes need to be rescheduled or changed at short notice. Due to the high demand and limited availability of appointments, a minimum 50% of the appointment item cancellation fee will apply to most appointments not cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the appointment. This is to assist those persons on the waiting list have time to be able to attend an appointment with as much notice as possible. A selection of the main appointments are below:

Initial Consultation Item 017 – Cancellation Fee $150
Initial Consultation Item 016 – Cancellation Fee $100
Review Consultation Item 014 – Cancellation Fee $80
Impression appointment – Cancellation Fee $150
Insert appliance appointment – Cancellation Fee $150

All persons with appointments that need to reschedule or cancel at short notice are encouraged to contact Dr Tony Eldridge at the earliest possible time to ensure cancellation fees are not unnecessarily incurred.

Somté Ambulatory Sleep Study
No dental item numer is available for this service. After Medicare rebate – $180 (full cost $595)

As per the PREEMPT protocol for chronic migraine headaches, TMJ disorders and bruxism treated with Botox at our practice utilise 100-195 units. This is performed marginally above cost as part of an overall treatment plan.
*Any person considering Botox treatment for bruxism is encouraged to read our Botox page before proceeding.