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Qualifications and Expertise

Tertiary Education
• 1996 – 2000 
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
, University of Adelaide.

• 2004 – 2006
 Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry 
(Orofacial Pain / Oral Surgery), 
University of Adelaide.

• 2006 – 2009 
Master of Science in Medicine
 (Pain Management) 
University of Sydney.

• 2011 – 2012 Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry 
(Conscious Sedation and Pain Control), 
University of Sydney.

• Australasian Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Executive Committee
• National clinical advisor Somnomed Australia (2006 – 2010)
• Australasian Sleep Association Orofacial Special Interest Group Committee
– Dental sleep appliances clinical protocol development (2010)

Short Courses (a representative list only)
• Feb – Dec 2003
 Dentofacial Orthodontics and Orthopaedics
Mini Residency 
EODO, Ivoclar Training Centre 
Sydney, NSW

• May – Aug 2004 
Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ Disorders
– Mini Residency 
TMJ Therapy Centre / Exceptional Dental Training Centre
 Gold Coast, QLD

• Jan 2005
 Research Methods, Experimental Design and Ethics for DENT 6004HO
– University of Adelaide Postgraduate Committee in Dentistry
 Adelaide Dental Hospital, SA

• Feb 2005 
In-house Training Program, Clinical Placement, and Interdisciplinary Seminar
– TMJ Therapy Centre 
7557 El Cajon Boulevard, 
San Diego, USA

Public Speaking Engagements and Media
Tasmania hit by dentist shortage
– ABC News 2004

• Opposition puts dentist recruitment in the spotlight
– ABC News 2004

• Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
– ABC Radio 2006

• Oral and Dental Sleep Medicine 3 Day course
– Adelaide 2008 – TMJ Disorders and Sleep

• Tasmanian Division of General Practice
– TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain in General Medical Practice

• Tasmanian Osteopathic Society
– TMJ Disorders, Chronic pain, and Posture

• Australian Dental Association TAS Branch
– TMJ Disorders and Dental Practice & Dental Sleep Medicine

• Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia
– TMJ disorders, Sleep Apnoea and tongue tie in children

• Excellence in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics Seminar Series:
– Decision Dilemmas & Dramas in Treatment of Patients with Snoring / Sleep Apnoea / Bruxism / TMD
– Treatment of the partial and completely edentulous patient

Articles Printed
• Regular contributions to the Australian Dental Association (TAS) Newsletter

• Dental Sleep Medicine Clinical Reviews
– Australasian Dental Practice and Australasian Dentist Magazines

• Australian Dental Association News Bulletin
– Part 1 and Part 2 – Orofacial Pain, TMJ Disorders, Oromandibular Dystonias, and Botox

2003 Orthodontic Mini Residency course Honours
2011 Nominated for a Fellowship of the International Dental College Continuing Education (FIDCCE)

Current Research Interests
•  Non-respiratory sleep arousals and pain experience in patients with TMD
– Is it appliance design, multidisciplinary treatment, or both that matters?

• Treating the edentulous patient with oral sleep appliances
– A clinical review of efficacy outcomes

• Is sleep bruxism and obstructive sleep apnoea under-recognised in patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A retrospective evaluation

• Botox for bruxism: Is Botox an answer or a temporary stop-gap?

Dr Tony Eldridge