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UTAS Psychology Clinic

Recently, in collaboration with the UTAS Psychology Clinic (UPC), referral based dental fear and phobia therapy sessions have been established.  The ultimate aim of the UPC program and our clinic is to take those patients with dental fears and phobias, including those that would only ever consider having general or emergency treatment under a general anaesthetic in hospital, through the entire journey of being able to make an appointment, to the end point of being able to sit comfortably in a dental chair without inducing fear or a panic attack.  And most importantly, for the patient to reach a point they feel comfortable to be referred back to a caring general dental practitioner who will be able to expertly manage their long-term oral health goals through regular annual appointments.  To date, there have been several notable successes.  Any person with a dental fear or phobia is encouraged to utilise the UPC service, and is welcome to call the clinic directly to make an appointment if they wish.

Dr Tony Eldridge

The University Psychology Clinic at the University of Tasmania is maintained as part of the training program in clinical psychology. Psychological assessments and therapy are provided by postgraduate students (Psychology Interns) as part of their training programme and their work is supervised by Clinic staff who are Registered Clinical Psychologists.

It provides short-term psychological treatment for adults and children in the community who are reporting struggling with a range of personal and interpersonal problems.  This includes individual or group programs on dental fear, anxiety, and phobias.

Their aim is to help people overcome emotional difficulties and ways of behaving that may be causing problems for them.  The Clinic also provides cognitive assessments by referral.

The services offered at the Clinic are confidential and follow the guidelines defined by the Australian Psychological Society.  These guidelines will be discussed at the first session, and written information as to the nature of these can be provided on request at this session.

The University Psychology Clinic is a free service and is open Monday to Wednesday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Appointments can be made by phoning the clinic on (03) 6226 2805.

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