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Home Sleep Studies for Snoring & OSA

For the past 8 years we have been using the Somté ambulatory polysomnograph recorder (PSG) to help diagnose and assess the efficacy of treatment of people with snoring, sleep apnoea, and other sleep disorder issues.  A home based sleep study is performed using the Somté which is about the size of a wallet.  Small leads are placed behind the ear, on the forehead and chest, and connected to the Somté unit.  These leads provide information about a person’s sleep quality and quantity, and heart rate, whilst two bands are placed around the chest and stomach to monitor breathing rate. Additonal leads measure heart rate and the presence of any arrhythmias, and the number of brain arousals during sleep. A small nasal cannula rests under the nostrils which provides information about breathing depth and snoring, and another small lead is placed on the finger which measures blood oxygen levels.

The Somté is one of the few ambulatory monitors on the market that also allows measurement of leg movements during sleep which is crucial in helping to diagnose people suffering from restless leg syndrome.  All of these measurements provide data on a person’s sleep patterns which provides a doctor with important and often crucial information.  Furthermore, it is considered that home based sleep studies may provide a more accurate reflection of a persons sleep as they are in their own bed, compared with having the study conducted in a hospital setting.

We are also happy to be offering Somté home based sleep studies to people on referral from their GP. The report is then sent to the referring medical practitioner with a copy sent to the patient allowing both to instigate treatment options as required. Please see our Snoring and Sleep Apnoea ‘Your Assessment’ page for a sample sleep study.

If you suffer from a possible snoring or sleep apnoea condition and would like to have an in-home sleep study conducted, simply please ask your GP for a referral.

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