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Affordable Dental Care Expansion

Accessing regular dental care for many families is a rapidly growing luxury item that is out of reach due to ever increasing costs of living. For those people on low incomes, pensions, the unemployed, or people with disabilities, most are eligible for health care and concession cards and are very welcome to access our affordable dental care. At our clinic we understand that there are many more people and families that may not qualify for these cards, but still cannot access a regular general dentist simply due to the cost.

Bridging the gap between dental affordability and accessibility

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our offer of affordable dentistry to those people such as single parents, persons eligible under the cleft lip and cleft palate scheme, carers and families of people with disabilities or chronic illness, Newstart allowance recipients, persons recently released from prison, and persons with refugee, permanent protection and humanitarian visas.

For any person or family that does not fit this criteria, but finds themselves in the very unfortunate situation of not being able to afford regular general dental care, Dr Wilma Johnson is more than happy to discuss with you where we may be able to help in any way we can.

Please see our sections below for further details.

Affordable Dental Care

Our Pricing Structure

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